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By registering, the athlete accepts the present rules of the race, must respect them, obey the instructions of the organizing committee.

  1. Every athlete is obliged to have his participation number on the front of his shirt and in a visible place.
  2. Any outside help to the athletes is allowed from anyone just at the gas stations. It is allowed to accompany the athletes by persons who do not have a race number provided that they do not assist the athlete or hinder other athletes. If any assistance to the athlete is reported, the athlete himself is punished with exclusion.
  3. External assistance, or artificial assistance of athletes to each other as well as the use of any motorized assistive device is prohibited.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to throw any packaging material along the route.
  5. There are checkpoints where athletes are required to be recorded by the judges. Any athlete who does not pass even one checkpoint is considered invalid.
  6. All of the following offenses carry the penalty of exclusion:
  • Do not show or alter the entry number.
  • Acceptance of external assistance.
  • Use of motor vehicle.
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Obstructing another athlete or unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Non-compliance with judges’ instructions.
  • Rudeness – Improper behavior towards the organizing committee, judges, volunteers, etc.
  • Not present at a control station.
  • Use of illicit drugs or narcotics.
  • Refusal to be examined by a doctor of the organization if this is deemed necessary at any time during the race.
  • Abandonment and failure to inform a judge carries the penalty of exclusion from any future event.
  1. Objections for any reason are made only by the athlete himself no later than 30 minutes after the finish.

  2. The athletes will be fed exclusively at the support stations along the way and you will not remove any packaging beyond the limited space at the station.

  3. The organization monitors the routes, as much as possible, to avoid any surprises and provides medical assistance to athletes in need.

  4. The organizer can modify the routes if for any reason there is a risk to the safety of the athletes. It can also delay the start or cancel or postpone the race due to bad weather or other force majeure.

  5. With the application form, each athlete allows the organizer to photograph and videotape him, during the race and the awards, for advertising purposes. If he does not wish to do so, he must inform the organizing committee by e-mail at the event.

  6. The organizer is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the participants who by submitting the application state that they know the dangers of moving in a mountain environment, have the appropriate experience and that their state of health is good and their allows them to fight. Every athlete is obliged to undergo regular preventive medical examinations. The organizer reserves the right not to allow an athlete to complete the race if there is a relevant opinion of the race doctor. Athletes’ insurance is borne by them. The organizers will not ask for medical certificates for any athlete, as all participants compete at their own risk and minors under the responsibility of their guardians.

  7. The organization reserves the right to modify these rules of conduct of the race without prior notice if deemed necessary. In no case will any change change the style of the fight.

  8. The participants accept that their personal data may be provided to third parties for the purposes of timing and compiling results lists, which are published on the internet and include the names of all participants in the event. The personal data of the participant provided in the application process will be stored and used for purposes related exclusively to the conduct of the race. With the entry form the participant agrees that his / her data is stored and will be used for the purposes of the race. If he does not wish to do so, he must inform the organizing committee by e-mail at the event.

  9. The participation, which has been financially settled, is considered valid.

  10. The official (final) results of the race are published several days after the race, in order to cross-check the data and the necessary control.